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How to cite evidence in an essay

How to Introduce Evidence in an Essay: 14 Steps (with How to Cite an Article in an Essay — MLA and APA In-Text Types of Evidence to Use in Writing and Essays How to Introduce Evidence in an Essay: 14 Steps (with Before you introduce evidence into your essay, begin the paragraph with a topic sentence. This sentence should give the reader. Use reliable sources only. This way you put some scientific evidence to your idea. This way the question of how to cite evidence in an argumentative essay is answered. Take some useful notes or draw diagrams. You need to visualize your thoughts in some way including the evidence. Every idea should be well explained. Make sure you have an appropriate amount of evidence.

How do you introduce cited evidence? Inserting the Evidence Part 2 of 3: Use a claim or argument to introduce the evidence. Work the evidence into a sentence. Include the author’s name and the title of the reference. Use quotation marks around a direct quote. Cite the evidence properly. Smith states, “Citing an article in your essay correctly is fundamental if you want to avoid plagiarism” (26). Case 2 Don’t use the author’s last name before the quote. The report states, “There are two ways of in-text citation” (Smith 26). Case 3 Use a lengthy excerpt (block quote) without quotation marks but with left indentation (half an inch). How to incorporate evidence Use clear and concise language Convey your opinion Choose the correct tense and voice Build your argument Academic writing must be supported by evidence such as data, facts, quotations, arguments, statistics, research, and theories. This evidence will: add substance to your own ideas You should include page numbers and other information to guide the reader in verifying your evidence. You should also directly state why this evidence is important and what it proves. Here are some textual evidence examples you might use in an essay: Direct quotations from a book or other text source [use relevant style guide’s in-text citation format] As [Author] indicated/ stated/ discovered; According to [Author], As Smith indicated in a 2010 study . . .

According to Marks and Peters . . . drawing conclusions, making inferences, or suggesting implications based on specific data: suggests; as evidenced/ suggested/ indicated by; based on

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How to cite evidence in an essay

How to cite evidence in an essay

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