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Dec 13, 2020
In Your memories
We have very fond memories of the Woods family at Nicolson Square in Edinburgh . We are not sure of exact dates but working it out from our children's birth dates , Katharine (1973 )and Jonathan (1975) we are pretty sure that our memories are from the late seventies and eighties. Chris was a lovely man, genuine, fairly forthright in his views but always prepared to put in the work to back them up. His work with a project group to set up a Community cafe , to work with SACRO to organise us all in driving a mini bus to take relatives to HMP Dumfries laid the foundations of what is now an extensive community hub. Chris was also an accomplished organist and accompanist for choir practices . He had a wicked sense of humour and a remarkable giggle that was infectious . Our families often used to meet in the Woods house in Tylers Acre Road and our children were in awe of the large organ that filled most of the living room. Generous of his time, his considerable talents and the sharing of his faith , Chris is sadly missed. Up until last year his annual Christmas letter kept us informed of his work , life, children and grandchildren and we send our love to you all.


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